4 Tsar Street Services PTY (Ltd) is a 100% black owned and managed firm based in Polokwane, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Our primary aim is to provide locally appropriate development planning and land use management solutions for our clients and to be an industry leader town and regional planning practice. Our vision is to become:
“A leading provider of indigenous development planning solutions”

As a provider of “Home-Grown Development Solutions”, we provide locally-relevant planning solutions that that are also customer specific (no “one-size-fits-all” approach).
To this end we continuously engage in research and continuous appraisal of our staff on changing legislative and socio-economic environments in order to remain relevant.

Our Values and Ethics
• Customer focus- as we understand that “Customer Is King” we can only stay in business if we offer solutions that are to the customer’s ability and relevance
• Professional conduct- as a provider of professional services we keep our relationships and engagements professional and will endeavour to professionally manage our clients’ briefs to the end/ product.
• Ethical conduct- we are fully subscribed to the professional and moral/ societal ethics and therefore our dealings are above board and publicly defendable.
• Efficiency- we believe in finding and implementing the most efficient solutions for our clients in order to leverage on resources and time (a crucial factor in development).
• Confidentiality- customer information is confidential and shall be treated as such to protect our clients and ourselves.

Capacity Enhancement Strategy
As a start-up business, we realise the importance of strategic partnerships with other established businesses in order to be able to tackle large scale projects that may be beyond our capacity. To this end we are open to cooperation agreements with other entities for partnerships on project basis.
Furthermore, the company continuously recruit appropriately qualified personnel on term contracts dictated by the types of projects that we are involved in.

We also offer new graduates in-service/ experiential learning opportunities within the company as and when there are projects within which they can offer and gain value.

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